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Giving a village hope

Spending time in the Peace Corps had a significant impact on the way Kathy Moore looks at life and the world in which we live. “It shaped my whole world view,” the 63-year-old said of the six months she devoted back in 1970 to training hospital workers in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. “It made me very sensitive to … [Continue Reading]


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William F. Flynn, Jr.

It’s time to give politicians wake-up call

When I tell people about my work with the Senior Agenda Coalition, they often respond, “Oh yes, seniors have a lot of political power in Rhode Island.” Only if that was true. Rhode Island seniors do not have political power. If we did, we would demand and get a much better system of senior services. […]

Kathleen Heren

Applying heat keeps loved ones cool, safe

Whether you are a believer in climate change, you have to admit that episodes of heat waves in the summer are occurring more frequently. Heat waves can cause deaths, and seniors are the most common fatalities. Why? It is because older adults’ brains no longer have the temperature control mechanisms that they did when they […]

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Phil Peg

Sixth Annual Rhode Island Rhythm & Blues Heritage Month Festival on tap 

In observance of August being Rhode Island’s official Rhythm & Blues Heritage Month, the Rhode Island Rhythm & Blues Preservation Society and the Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame will present … [Read More...]


Calendar of events for August

Attleboro Senior Center 25 South Main St. (774) 203-1900 Aug. 5 – Picnic in the Park tickets go on sale, starting at 9 a.m.; $1 each; four-ticket limit per person; event is Aug. 22 from … [Read More...]

Senior games 08 050

Have some fun at Cranston games

A tradition of unbridled fellowship is expected to continue when the 19th Annual Cranston Senior Games are held Sept. 23 to 27. People age 55 and older have until Sept. 12 to register for an array … [Read More...]

nick thomas

Tippi Hedren: ‘Hitchcock made me do such dangerous things’

Released in the summer of 1964, “Marnie” wasn’t a typical Alfred Hitchcock thriller. While a moderate success at the box office, the eponymous psychological mystery was panned by some critics at … [Read More...]

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Strange but true

• It was Flannery O'Connor, noted American writer of novels and short stories, who made the following observation: "Everywhere I go I'm asked if I think the university stifles writers. My opinion is … [Read More...]

moments in time

Moments in Time

• On Aug. 4, 1927, the Father of Country Music, Jimmie Rodgers, is recorded for the very first time during the legendary Bristol Sessions. Rodgers cut two test recordings, "The Soldier's Sweetheart" … [Read More...]

trivia quiz

Trivia test for August

1. GEOGRAPHY: What sea lies just west of Rome, Italy? 2. ANIMAL KINGDOM: What is the average lifespan of an adult housefly? 3. MOVIES: What 1999 movie with Brad Pitt featured the tagline … [Read More...]

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senior couple

Therapists offer seniors golden opportunities

Senior’s are living well into their golden years due to healthier lifestyles and better health care. Approximately 95 percent of the aging population in the United States lives independently. With … [Read More...]

Amanda Ball

Audubon Society looking for help with raptor festival

There are many new volunteer opportunities available throughout the Ocean State, and your skills could be valuable to one of the following organizations looking for assistance. The Audubon Society … [Read More...]

By Meg Chevalier, a senior tax specialist in the Providence office of the Internal Revenue Service

IRS allows volunteers to deduct some travel expenses

  Do you plan to donate your services to charity this summer? Will you travel as part of that service? If so, some travel expenses may help lower your taxes when you file your tax return … [Read More...]

today's antiques.scott davis

Offensive materials attractive to collectors

It’s been a long time coming and for sure we’re not there yet, but it’s undeniable that the world is finally making a concerted effort toward learning to live together in an environment of … [Read More...]

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Salute to Seniors

robillard salute

Music Hall of Famer

Michael “Duke” Robillard, left, accepts his Salute to Seniors citation from Bankers Life and Casualty Assistant Regional Director Gregory Gelineau during a recent presentation at the firm’s … [Read More...]

burke salute

Creating waves of change

Walter V. Burke, right, accepts his Salute to Seniors citation from Bankers Life and Casualty Branch Office Coordinator JT Buco during a recent presentation at the firm’s office in Warwick. Burke, … [Read More...]

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