Strange but true

• It was beloved American singer, songwriter and musician Ray Charles who made the following sage observation: “Marriage is like college; as great as it is, it ain’t for everybody.” • Those who study such things say that when a llama is humming, that means it’s content. • If you think life in the Big Apple is tough […]

January’s trivia test

1. GEOGRAPHY: Which U.S. state is closest to Russia? 2. HISTORY: In what year did labor leader Jimmy Hoffa disappear? 3. FOOD & DRINK: What relative of the banana is a staple food in tropical regions? 4. TIME: When is the next leap day? 5. MOVIES: What famous 1950s movie featured an unlikely couple named […]

Horoscopes for January 2016

ARIES (March 21-April 20) Your charisma will no doubt attract a lot of attention. You can have an enjoyable time if you socialize with friends. Your ability to work with detail will bring recognition. Get involved in groups that are creative in nature. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Sunday. TAURUS (April 21-May […]

Strange but true

• It was 20th-century American journalist Walter Lippmann who made the following sage observation: “Our conscience is not the vessel of eternal verities. It grows with our social life, and a new social condition means a radical change in conscience.” • According to a recent analysis of data from the online music streaming service Spotify and artist […]

Trivia test

1. HISTORY: What conflict did Secretary of State John Hay refer to as a “splendid little war”? 2. MUSIC: What was Aretha Franklin’s first No. 1 hit? 3. GENERAL KNOWLEDGE: What does the candy name M&M’s stand for? 4. GEOGRAPHY: Which California city is the farthest west — San Francisco, Los Angeles or San Diego? […]

December horoscopes

ARIES (March 21-April 20) Don’t let your emotional partner upset you this month. Romantic relationships could be under pressure. Opportunities will come through behind the scene activities. Your own small business on the side sounds pretty lucrative. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Thursday. TAURUS (April 21-May 21) Don’t let situations get out […]

Trivia test for November

1. LITERATURE: In which of Shakespeare’s plays does the character Titania appear? 2. TELEVISION: What was the name of the oldest girl on “The Brady Bunch”? 3. MUSIC: What was singer Ozzy Osbourne’s real first name? 4. HISTORY: What was the first country to allow women to vote? 5. RELIGION: What is generally considered to […]

Strange but true

• It was Pulitzer Prize-winning American journalist, author and historian Garry Wills who made the following sage observation: “Politicians make good company for a while just as children do — their self-enjoyment is contagious. But they soon exhaust their favorite subject — themselves.” • According to ancient Egyptian mythology, humans were created from the tears of the […]

Moments in time for November

• On Nov. 1, 1941, President Franklin Roosevelt announces that the U.S. Coast Guard will be under the direction of the U.S. Navy, a transition of authority usually reserved only for wartime. Five weeks later, Japan would attack the U.S. at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. (c) 2015 King Features Synd., Inc.

November horoscopes

ARIES (March 21-April 20) You can make progress if you deal with the right individuals. Be careful not to come on too strongly. Knowledge can be acquired if you listen. Secret affairs can only lead to devastating circumstances. Your luckiest events this month will occur on a Tuesday. TAURUS (April 21-May 21) Plan to do things […]