Trump Budget Could Eventually Hurt Seniors

By Herb Weiss President Donald Trump has submitted his Fiscal Year 2018 budget proposal to a GOP controlled Congress. Critics of the Republican president and Democratic lawmakers called the 62-page budget proposal, “Dead on Arrival.” Now, with Congressional recess over, look for the House and Senate to begin drafting their own fiscal blueprint.   Massive […]

Six Ways to Build a “Rich” Life By Improving Communication

By Herb Weiss You could have all the money in the world but if your most important relationships are splintered or injured your life doesn’t feel very rich after all. Effective communication at home and within all your vital relationships is key to maintaining a meaningful, healthy and thriving personal life says Author Donna Mac, […]

GOP Begins a Legislative Actions on Social Security

By Herb Weiss With the dust just settling after last month’s heated presidential 2016 election, the GOP took over the White House, keeping control of both chambers of Congress.  With weeks left before Obama leaves office, an emboldened GOP calls for the repeal of Obmacare and the privatization of Medicare.  Fixing Social Security is now on their […]


By Herb Weiss Approaching their twilight years, aging baby boomers might occasionally think about their impending mortality, even contemplating what happens after their last breath is taken, wondering what lies beyond the veil. But a growing number of people who have reported Near Death Experiences (NDE) may just shed some light to this age old […]

Whitehouse Pushes for Medicare to Pay for Person-Centered Care

By Herb Weiss At a June hearing of the U.S. Senate Special Committee on Aging, Senator Sheldon Whitehouse calls for improving care for over 90 million Americans with advanced illnesses like Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, and heart disease. On the day of this Aging panel hearing, the Rhode Island Senator unveiled his legislative proposal, “Removing Barriers to […]

Regular Folks Give Tips on How to Succeed in Life

By Herb Weiss Throughout June, high-profile commencement speakers came to Colleges and Universities in Rhode Island and throughout the nation to give the robed 2016 graduates their unique practical tips on how one can have a rewarding personal life and professional career.  These widely-recognized speakers, many times, politicians, judges, famous actors, and executives of Fortune […]

Former business owner overcomes devastating setbacks

If you are in pursuit of the American Dream, you probably weren’t given a roadmap that would guarantee a successful journey. Ask the average man or woman on the street today what immediate thoughts come to mind about owning your own business, and you’ll probably hear, “Being your own boss,” and “Working your own hours.” […]

Love blossoms on, off stage

Involvement in theater group leads to lasting relationship Caption: Erika Koch and Brian Mulvey are committed to each other and Pawtucket’s Community Players.   There’s a play called “A Life in the Theatre” that could have been written for Erika Koch and Brian Mulvey. They’ve been acting, directing and working behind the scenes since high […]

Network has lots of heart

  Patients, caregivers receive essential support during recovery Lawrence B. Sadwin can remember exactly what he was doing on April 12, 1982, at 2:30 in the afternoon. “I was in my office, smoking the last cigarette I ever smoked, when Pat Levesque called me,” he recalls. Levesque – Dr. Patrick Levesque – had called to […]

Gerritt is green with commitment

Some people ease into retirement, traveling to exotic locales, catching up with friends at the neighborhood supermarket, or fixing up the homestead, long put off because of time constraints.  Not so for 62-year-old Greg Gerritt, who still sees many years of work ahead of him to make Rhode Island economically sustainable through protecting the environment […]