Top 5 “Must See” Trips in the U.S.

If you could take a trip anywhere in the United States, where would you go?   Based on a recent survey by Travel Leaders Group, the responses from nearly 2,900 Americans were literally all over the map. The top destination was Hawaii, followed by California, Alaska, Florida and New York.   Its distance from the […]

Why Some Put Their Savings at Risk

Why some put their savings at risk  By Kathleen Connell There is a desire deep down inside just about everyone to make that one big killing. That one financial move that will leave one set for life. For most people, it’s wishful thinking. For some it is the story behind the story of how they […]

March is National Nutrition Month: Tips on a Healthy Lifestyle

National Nutrition Month: Open Communication with Residents on Dining Leads to Great Taste By: Jim Bain, Dining Services Director at The Watermark at East Hill Maintaining a nutritious and healthy diet may seem like a lofty goal to many, but it does not have to be. During National Nutrition Month, the Academy of Nutrition and […]

Cooking Pancakes with the Grandchildren

Get cooking pancakes with the grandkids By Portia Little It’s a jog down memory lane, recalling special times cooking with my kids in the kitchen. And now I’m able to relive that experience with my grandkids – baking and decorating cookies, punching down the risen yeast dough in the bowl, hearing the cranberries pop while […]

IRS, Partners Urge Taxpayers to Beware of IRS Impersonations and Tax Scams

If you get a call from the “IRS” threatening you with lawsuits or jail unless you pay up immediately … Guess what? It’s a scam. IRS impersonation and tax scams by phone, email, postal mail and text are ongoing. Criminals use more and more creative ploys to trick taxpayers and tax preparers. Don’t be a […]

Three of World’s Hottest Destinations Also Among the Most Peaceful

Ringing in the New Year Where 2017 First Begins   If you’d like to get a head start on 2017 and experience the New Year as many as 23 hours ahead of some points within the United States, consider taking a trip to the South Pacific.   From a tropical island to a mountain resort […]

New Year Resolutions

The New Year brings with it the tradition of making resolutions.  How about we suggest some resolutions that you may wish to adopt for the New Year? High on the list for many people is the idea of making of a Last Will and Testament. We often times meet people who come in and tell […]

The Future Is At Stake

By Kathleen Connell Happy New Year! Perhaps, like myself, you passed along the seasonal salutation with an afterthought that the overwhelming “new” will hit home January 20. A new president and a new Congress seem determined to implement sweeping changes. Given that so many Senior Digest readers are AARP members who collect Social Security and […]

Potatoes are a January comfort food

By Portia Little You say ‘potato,’ and I say ‘potatah’. So goes the line from an old movie. And if you live in New England, there’s a good chance you call it a ‘bodadah.’ But this popular veggie, no matter how you pronounce it, is a favorite winter comfort food. As potatoes have a neutral […]

Choosing a caretaker for your parents

Q.  I work full time, have kids in high school, and an 86-year old mother who lives down the street.  She is having difficulty doing chores and cooking and I don’t have the time, or the energy, to do these things for her. I’ve been thinking about hiring someone to help her and I wonder […]