Certain movie cameras can give owners happy endings

Between movie theaters, TVs, computers, and cell phones it’s likely that every one of us is impacted by moving pictures every day. Moving pictures are used for entertainment, conveyance of information and documentation; and with the advent of digital technology virtually everyone captures moving images without even thinking twice about what an amazing gift it […]

Old dining room sets are destined to be dumped at transfer stations

  Do you have a 1930s to 1940s vintage dining room set in your home? Chances are that you do because there were an enormous number of those sets made during that period, as so many young couples got married and set up new homes in preparation for the young men to go off to […]

Aim high when selling antique and vintage firearms

Gunpowder was invented back in A.D. 142 in China and it changed the world. Actually, it took about 1,300 more years for man to figure out how to use it in the form of a weapon. First came cannons, which appeared around 1350 and then by the year 1400 the first handguns began to appear […]

Collectors like items signed by Concho artists

With most of today’s seniors coming from the baby boomer generation, it’s likely that everyone owned one or two pieces of Native American “Indian” jewelry.  After all, it was widely available, beautiful and most important; affordable. Made primarily by the Navajo and Zuni tribes, the jewelry was among the most economically important products of the […]

Bona fide collectibles outperform the markets

Collecting and investing in antiques and collectibles is an appealing hobby and wealth building strategy to many. When done properly, collectors get to enjoy their collections while building their investment portfolio. Compared to the low interest rates available from banks today or the volatility and expenses of investing in stocks and bonds, well-chosen antiques and […]

Awards bolster egos, but rarely inflate wallets

From the time we were young, nothing made us feel prouder or more motivated than when we received an award. For children, it starts out with earning a merit badge as a Scout or a ribbon for winning an athletic event, science project competition or for growing the largest pumpkin at the country fair. Later […]

Children’s reactions indicate value of items

Most folks used to believe that they understood what was desirable and valuable. All one had to do was to look in mom’s china cabinet to know that, at least in her generation, china, glassware, silver and porcelain figurines were at the top of almost everyone’s list followed closely by fine furniture, artwork, coins and […]

Use Internet to find value of keepsakes

As people get older, many individuals find that they’ve accumulated way too much stuff, so it’s natural at a point to want to simplify their lives by downsizing.  Also as they age, they start inheriting their parents’ and other relatives’ stuff. The time comes in just about everyone’s life when they have to dispose of […]

Erotic memorabilia excites collectors

We’re all friends here so let’s be honest. Who among us hasn’t gotten a kick out of looking at an erotic image or object? The fact of the matter is that everyone has enjoyed a little good old-fashioned naughtiness at one time or another. If we didn’t, we probably couldn’t perpetuate as a species. Of […]

Playing name game yields good results

Before the 18th century, the concept of a celebrity was limited to a few members of royalty and perhaps an occasional great religious leader, philosopher, playwright, artist or mathematician.  While common folks may have heard of those individuals, the chance of having any personal connection to one of them was little to none. Then in the […]