Collectors fired up over vintage lighters

It’s hard to imagine that anyone hasn’t owned a lighter to ignite their stove, candle or barbecue. In the early 1970s, the disposable lighter was introduced by BIC, and the market was changed forever.  However, if any of you were smart enough to save your old lighters in a drawer somewhere, then there’s a chance […]

German souvenirs have little value

As the seventh most visited country in the world, many of you or your ancestors have visited Germany.  A popular destination for Grand Tour travelers of the Victorian era, Germany produced an impressive selection of top quality reproductions of classical art along with a diverse selection of new fine art pieces in the classical style. […]

Raise glasses to bar accessories

While our doctors, clergymen and mothers may not always approve, who among us hasn’t enjoyed an alcoholic beverage or two? When consumed responsibly, wine and cocktails just have a magical way of making social experiences more fun, relaxed and special, and many people believe that certain ingredients in wine and spirits have medicinal value as […]

Certain magazines draw big money

Chances are that either you or someone you know is a magazine hoarder.  Not being a psychologist I can’t tell you what it is about magazines that says “save me” to so many folks, but as an antiques appraiser and dealer I can tell you that if you’ve been saving magazines you are not alone. […]

Market for old albums starting to heat up

No doubt, every person who reads this column can remember buying and owning record albums, singles and perhaps even some old 78s in their younger days. With any luck, you held onto your records despite the fact that they went out of favor once the eight-track and then cassette tape were introduced to the market. […]

Update appraisals older than 5 years

Every day folks come into my shop with items to sell, and they frequently refer to an old appraisal or offer they got as testimonial to the value of their pieces. Based on those old valuations, in most cases their preconceived sense of the current value of their item is so far from reality that […]

Vintage ornaments give wallets new life

In previous columns, I’ve written about the fact that Christmas collectibles may the most broadly sought after market category. It makes sense if you think about it. What other event brings about as much nostalgic thought? Remembering past Christmases is, in large part, what Christmas is all about. Needless to say while there is significant […]

Conduct appraisal before losing marbles

As we know from watching children find more joy playing with the box rather than the toy inside, the simplest toys are usually best. What could be simpler than the humble marble? While children have been playing with little spheres made of many materials for centuries, the marbles we’re most likely to remember are virtually […]

Sell off collections a little at a time

Chances are that at some time in your life, you took an interest in collecting something. People collect for all kinds of reasons, including the love of a particular genre of objects, as an investment strategy or as a way of creating a decorating motif. Others simply can’t explain their compulsion to accumulate. What all […]

Parents can cash in on kids’ keepsakes

I’ve got some good news for parents of adult children: It’s finally time for you to get revenge on your offspring for ignoring requests to remove their keepsakes from your homes. Those objects are now desirable to other people whose parents had the sense to throw their treasured items away years ago. First you need […]