The Future Is At Stake

By Kathleen Connell Happy New Year! Perhaps, like myself, you passed along the seasonal salutation with an afterthought that the overwhelming “new” will hit home January 20. A new president and a new Congress seem determined to implement sweeping changes. Given that so many Senior Digest readers are AARP members who collect Social Security and […]

Real Possibilities for Rhode Islanders

By Kathleen Connell Hard to imagine we’re about to talk about summer in the past tense, but I know it’s a reality because many of the discussions I am involved in lately have to do with planning for 2017. Nonetheless, let me take this opportunity to summarize some of the work AARP has accomplished lately, […]


Unfortunately the scamming of the elderly is a decades-old practice.  Now, with the use of the internet and mobile devices, communication involving scams is so much easier.  Who better to scam than an elderly person who becomes frightened by anyone who tells them they have done something wrong, for example “owing back taxes to the […]

News flash: Doctors make house calls.

  Okay, not the kind we remember from Marcus Welby days of yore. Even if that beloved TV doc was around today, he’d be a rare wellness road warrior. More likely, he might call on you without leaving his office. Today, more and more people are using technology to communicate with each other. We can […]

Puzzles help seniors maintain brain fitness

A few years ago, I got interested in Sudoku puzzles when I saw them in the newspaper. Liking math things, I tried it, and it grew on me. Two physical exams ago at the Veterans Administration Hospital, I mentioned I am concerned about getting Alzheimer’s, being 83 and forgetting more than the location of car keys […]

Stenhouse resignation results in loss of compassionate advocate for Cranston seniors

Guest commentary Unless you were visiting Mongolia recently, you probably noted a story coming out of Rhode Island that became a viral sensation overnight. As I followed the nuclear fallout on the Internet, I came to the realization that there was something very wrong, and it wasn’t a man in a wig. I learned through […]