Yard waste valuable for compost piles

Leaves are everywhere, and they are great for using as mulch, adding to compost or just piling up for children to jump in. This is the month when a walk in the woods feels and smells different. There’s a sort of nutty but musty scent enhanced by each step onto the thick carpet of fallen […]

Mums, asters ideal for perennial beds

Mums and asters mean October, my favorite month of the year. The warm days and cool evenings make working in gardens very enjoyable; besides we seem to be more aware of the surroundings. The brightness of the trees, the scent of drying grasses, that final surgeto produce seeds by goldenrods plus other ‘weeds’ keep me […]

Use this time to start shutting down gardens

I’m back from West Virginia, and what a mess I came back to. There was yellow fox tail grass in the perennial bed so tall the surviving flowers had to struggle for sun. Virginia creeper along with bindweed had overtaken the shrubs, wild grape vine was strangling the crab apple and my stone walkways were […]

Dry stream beds help control water runoff

I’m down in the hills of West Virginia again. I didn’t get down here early this year so the rose garden along the front of my porch was a mess. The deer have been trampling the shrubs and pulling down climbing vines in order to eat the buds.   Besides feeding the deer compost, I […]

Check soil acidity before applying lime

The weather has been great for our lawns, but the heat will be increasing soon and humidity can put all those grass enemies into play. However, if you haven’t overdone the fertilizer, insect control or mowing, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem. The pH of your soil should have been checked in late […]

Gardeners blossom in May

May is a wonderful month for gardeners. The ground has warmed up, and early spring flowers and shrubs have been cheering us up after the last few months of miserable weather. Phlox, viburnums, lilacs and early rhododendrons are showing their colors and providing homes for the birds. By mid-month, the apple blooms will be hosting […]

Benefits blossom with gardens

I can’t wait to start my garden. I have purchased some seeds and the tiny pots needed to start my vegetables indoors, and I am already lobbying my husband, John, to cut out an additional spot that will double my growing space. I am planning what will go in the new space. Last year we […]

Hostas perfect for patio, water gardens

I grew up with hostas all around my family’s farm. Hostas that are surviving even after being mowed, chomped and dug up. My father said they were here when he was growing up, and he would have turned 125 this past January. The hostas may not be the prettiest plants, but they certainly are survivors […]

Winter’s blight dictates action plan for spring

I’m sick of snow. I’m tired of bundling up like an Eskimo to clear the snow off my shrubs only to find out how much the deer have eaten. At least there’s a breath of spring inside, all 10 geranium plants are in bloom and the sunlight through the windows is so comforting and warm.  […]

Don’t waste any time, start planting seeds

February: The first batches of seed catalogs are here, and I cherish every one of them for the tidbits of information within. Taking time to curl up and read the catalogs is so relaxing, especially on an icky day. Then I daydream, picturing myself many years younger, strolling through my garden, marveling at all those […]