Generosity can be tax free

Everyone at our firm wishes you a Merry Christmas. As has been the custom for years, Christmas is the time for gifting. In our legal practice, gifting usually raises two important issues. One is taxes and the other is what many people refer to as “the five-year look back rule,” regarding eligibility for Medicaid assistance […]

Crisis intervention is tricky

In previous columns, I have explained how my firm approaches cases involving a family member’s need for nursing home care in Rhode Island. I have shown how it is never too late to take steps to protect assets from loss for payment of such expenses. The techniques that I have discussed have often times focused […]

Shielding some assets possible no matter whatc

Over the years, my law firm has helped thousands of families deal with the very specific concerns regarding getting older or passing away. That work has included helping many people deal with the specific issues related to a family member entering a nursing home. Many people believe that unless specific steps have been taken five […]

Apt application of laws saves Medicaid recipients’ assets

As regular readers of this column know, we help many families deal with the complexities of the Medicaid program, particularly that part which pays for long-term care in a nursing home. We help people save family assets while becoming eligible for Medicaid, and as we like to tell all of our clients, it’s never too […]

Care levels are confusing

My firm helps many people obtain Medicaid coverage for payment of nursing home expenses while protecting a significant portion their assets. Issues that need to be addressed include the ownership of real estate, savings and investments. Other issues are the five-year look back rule associated with the gifting of assets or the idea that there […]

Altering Medicaid program raises eligibility concerns

Most Rhode Islanders are aware that the governor had proposed substantial changes for the Medicaid program, all in an attempt to cut millions of dollars from the state’s budget. Hospitals and nursing homes in particular have been targeted for significant reductions in what they are able to charge the Medicaid program. Unfortunately, many Rhode Islanders […]

Hidden assets can cause Medicaid eligibility woes

Recoupment: How’s that for a “$10 legal word?” As most of our clients know, we don’t like to speak to clients in “legalese,” but every now and then the use of just the right word can be very helpful in explaining a complicated idea. The word “recoupment” is one of those words. It is helpful […]

Understand rules for assets, income

We help many clients protect their assets from loss for payment of nursing home expenses. Usually, we run into clients that tell us that given their economic circumstances, they would “never qualify for Medicaid.” On rare occasion, some of them are even correct. But much more often, when we explain the rules for eligibility for […]

States pick up bulk of nursing home expenses

A major part of our practice is helping people prevent the loss of assets for payment of nursing home expenses, even individuals who have done little to no planning and are faced with an immediate need for services. As part of our own continuing education, we see much in the way of written material regarding […]

Transfers can save real estate

We help people solve problems. The problems that we are best known for solving are what happen when someone is going into a nursing home and has failed to plan for such an event. Many people would say that at that point it is too late to save their assets. Surprisingly, at least in Rhode […]