Expo Milano has something for everyone

Travelers with an appetite for one-of-a-kind events should head to northern Italy to take part in one of the year’s biggest gatherings – Expo Milano 2015. The universal exposition, also known as a “World’s Fair,’ has a history that stretches back more than a century. Frequently, technological innovations or iconic structures are introduced at the […]

Smithsonian institutions worth trip to D.C.

No trip to Washington, D.C., would be complete without a stop at the Smithsonian Institution museums that line the National Mall. Even if you’ve seen them before, there are always new reasons to visit. Plus, since admission is free, they won’t bust your travel budget. The latest addition is the Hall of Invention and Innovation, […]

Viking plans to launch U.S. operation

In 1807, inventor Robert Fulton launched the first commercially successful steamboat, the Clermont, which made a 150-mile trip up the Hudson River from New York City to Albany in 32 hours. Initially known as “Fulton’s Folly,” the boat was a success and helped usher in an age of river travel. So it’s fitting that this […]

Celebrate United Nations’ 70th birthday

It’s no coincidence that 2015 marks the 70th anniversary not only of the end of World War II but of the founding of the United Nations. The hope was that the nations of the world could, in the words of the preamble to the U.N. charter, “Save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, which twice […]

Check out Independence Day hot spots

The Fourth of July is all about celebrating the best of America. And what better way to do that than by checking out some of the country’s best Independence Day celebrations? Boston and Philadelphia are great choices for travelers who want to take in some history along with their fireworks on the United States’ 239th birthday. […]

Croatia tops European destination list

Europe is always a popular destination for American travelers, but this year the strong dollar makes it a great time to go beyond the continent’s usual favorites when planning a trip. As part of its authoritative Travel Trends Survey, Travel Leaders Group polled 1,226 U.S.-based travel agency owners, managers and frontline agents on the trends […]

Asia includes desirable destinations

Asia is a region of tremendous variety, with opportunities to explore bustling cities, ancient cultures and natural beauty, including places that are just beginning to open themselves up to Western tourism. For Americans who have a trip to Asia on their wish list, Travel Leaders Group polled 1,226 U.S.-based travel agency owners, managers and frontline […]

Historic value of dollar fuels wanderlust

Thanks to a significantly stronger dollar, it’s a buyer’s market for Americans who’ve dreamed of seeing the world. And according to the results of a new survey, more people are deciding to make that dream a reality. Each year, Travel Leaders Group unveils its authoritative travel trends survey, including responses from 1,226 U.S.-based travel agency […]

Maintain routine when away from home

Healthy habits are often put aside when people travel. Even the most ardent proponents of healthy lifestyles may find themselves making less than healthy choices when they’re away from home. Though part of the joy of travel is experiencing other cultures and cuisines, such experiences should not come at the expense of your overall health. Fortunately, […]

City gears up to celebrate rock’s king

For fans of the “king” of rock ‘n’ roll, the first week in January is a time to celebrate and in 2015, it holds special significance. Memphis will put on its party clothes and spins some records on the turntable to mark what would have been the 80th birthday of Elvis Presley on Jan. 8. Naturally, […]