Choosing a caretaker for your parents

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Q.  I work full time, have kids in high school, and an 86-year old mother who lives down the street.  She is having difficulty doing chores and cooking and I don’t have the time, or the energy, to do these things for her. I’ve been thinking about hiring someone to help her and I wonder if I should go through an agency?

Many think that the neighbor across the street or acquaintance would be a perfect caregiver for their loved one. But there are many things to consider when making this decision.

Back-up plan: What back-up plan is in place if the individual becomes ill, gets into an automobile accident, or goes out of town to visit family? This does not happen when a home care agency is in place, as they have a pool of caregivers available when needed.

Legal Obligations: Other considerations are the tax obligations, legal issues and required insurance coverage. As an employer, you must withhold and
pay Social Security and Medicare taxes. Employers of caregivers in Rhode Island are required to withhold State income taxes on any compensation paid and are required to pay Federal and State unemployment taxes as well. Employers of private duty caregivers are also responsible for verifying that their employee is legally entitled to work in the United States.

Safety: Licensed agencies perform drug testing, background checks (both local and national), and obtain past employment references providing rst- hand information about the proposed caregiver.

Injuries: If there is no Workers’ Compensation Insurance and a caregiver is hurt while caring for the families’ loved one, the family who hires a private caregiver is responsible for medical expenses and disability.

Security: Your security and safety are vital to us. In addition to all tax and insurance compliance, Concord adheres to all governmental requirements.
• Criminal Background grandparent's dayChecks

• Personal Reference Check
• Inoculations and Physical Examinations • Citizenship veri cation
• Bonding and Liability Insurance
• Workers Compensation
• 24-Hour On call Nurse and Coordinator

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