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Paul A. Brule

Legal Corner by Paul A. Brule

As regular readers of this column know, every month I address an area of law that I assume is of concern to our readers.  In particular, we have addressed how to protect assets from risk of loss for payment of nursing home expenses, or from risk of loss for payment of unnecessary taxes, or from risk of loss for payment of probate expenses.  We have also discussed concepts of law such as wills and trusts, gifts, real estate, probate, taxes and many other areas of law.  The only common theme has been that it has been a subject or area of law that I have chosen.

After having written this column for several years, and at the request of several people, I have decided to add a new twist.  How about I write about a topic that the reader chooses?  I guess we could call it “Ask the Lawyer”.

The concept would be quite simple.  Send me a question, and without disclosing who has sent the question, I will be glad to provide an answer through this column.  Keep in mind that my area of practice is perhaps best described as “elder law”.  But even that description is a rather wide area, taking into account all of the topics described above, as well as other areas.

You can send your questions to me by regular U.S. mail to the following:

Ask the Lawyer

Attorney Paul A. Brule

1334 Mendon Road

Cumberland RI 02864

Or feel free to fax it to me at 401-334-3003.  In the alternative, you can drop off your question at the office listed above or email it me at, with the words “Ask the Lawyer” in the subject line.  Feel free to leave me your contact information.  I will try to respond to as many questions as I can.

Everyone should also remember that this column, like every other column, radio show or other mass communication method, is not the same as true legal advice.  In fact, you should not rely solely on information that you have obtained from such sources to make decisions about legal matters, just like you should not rely solely on medical information that you obtain from similar sources to make medical decisions. For true legal advice, you need a complete review of all of your pertinent facts, which of course differ from case to case, and the opportunity to discuss issues in detail, with questions and answers going back and forth.  But even though such columns are not the same as true legal advice, they are an excellent starting point to address legal issues that are important to you.

So, the next time a question arises regarding how assets can be saved from risk of loss for payment of nursing home expenses, or questions arise as how probate works, or how it can be avoided, or any other such questions, rather than asking friends or asking neighbors, here is a better idea.  How about “Ask the Lawyer”?

I look forward to hearing from you !

Letter to the Editor


  1. Donna Lennon says:

    Who or what agency is the best to ask for help with medicaid application for my 93 year old mother who is in a memory care unit ?
    Thank you.
    Donna Lennon

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