June’s trivia test

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trivia quiz1. When did the U.S. Supreme Court become a nine-member body?

2. The image of “Rosie the Riveter,” a woman working in a factory, arose from which war?

3. What animal’s diet consists mainly of eucalyptus leaves?

4. What is the capital of the Czech Republic?

5. What was the name of Orpheus’ beloved wife, doomed to die from a viper bite?

6. In poker, what is a full house?

7. What causes rickets in children?

8. What is the legal definition of “chattel”?

9. Who is traditionally supposed to host the bachelor’s party for a groom?

10. Who composed the opera “The Magic Flute”?



1. 1869, set by Congress

2. World War II

3. Koala 

4. Prague

5. Eurydice

6. Three of a kind and a pair

7. Vitamin D deficiency

8. Personal property

9. The best man 

10. Mozart


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