Looking Back: On May 20…

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The cast of "Cheers."

The cast of “Cheers.”

In 1217,  during the Battle of Lincoln — the last land battle of the First Barons’ WarWilliam the Marshal drove Prince Louis of France out of England.

In 1609, Thomas Thorpe published the first copies of Shakespeare’s sonnets, possibly without William Shakespeare‘s consent.

In 1882, the Triple Alliance was created between Germany, Austria-Hungary and Italy.

In 1927 by the Treaty of Jeddah, the United Kingdom recognized the sovereignty of King Ibn Saud over Hejaz and Nejd, which later merged to become Saudi Arabia.

In 1993, “One for the Road,” the series finale of American television sitcom Cheers, was watched by 42.4 million American households on its original airing.


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