Priest’s “homily” will lift the spirits of theater patrons 

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Dave Kane as Father Misgivings

Dave Kane as Father Misgivings

For a hilarious take on Catholicism, check out what the Rev. Patrick Aloysius Misgivings has to say at the Ocean State Theatre Company (OSTC) in Warwick on June 18.

The good father, aka Dave Kane, will deliver his divine presentation of stories and one-liners about growing up Catholic in a benefit presentation of “Misgivings,” starting at 7:30 p.m. From miracles and marriage counseling to bazaars and birth control, nothing escapes the priest’s sharp Irish wit. The hilarious, interactive comedy includes a collection, a raffle and even an actual bingo game, according to a Karen Gail Kessler, OSTC public relations director.

“Misgivings” is the brainchild of Kane, a performer, comedian, published author and radio talk show host beloved by New Englanders for more than 40 years. Nicknamed “The Pit Bull of Comedy” in the 1980s during his time as a stand-up comedian, Kane is known for his passionate stances on social issues, urging people to stand up for what they believe in and to take action in the face of injustice.

His fundraising and charity efforts include “Misgivings,” Just for Funds (a concept in which the venue and entertainment are provided for fundraising organizations) and Christmas is for Kids, which provides gifts to an average of 800 to 1,000 children in need each Christmas, according to Kessler.

At age 18, Kane’s son, Nicholas O’Neill, was the youngest victim of The Station nightclub fire of 2003, in which 100 people lost their lives. In the wake of the tragedy, Kane became a strong proponent of fire safety awareness and the enforcement of strict laws for the administration of fire safety inspections on public buildings, according to Kessler.

In 2006, Kane authored his first published book, “41 Signs of Hope.” In the book, Kane shares anecdotes of synchronistic, and at times, seemingly supernatural occurrences revolving around the number 41, which Kane and his family believe to be communications from the spirit of Nicholas. Kane also has a live presentation based upon the book which is available for booking for organizations. He also appears prominently in the movie “41,” a documentary about Nick’s life and legacy.

The proceeds from “Misgivings” will benefit OSTC’s Annual Fund for Artistic Excellence, which ensures that programming and casting choices are made based on the highest artistic standards, rather than being influenced by economic factors, according to Kessler.

Although OSTC prides itself in hiring approximately 60 percent of its performers and creative team from the Greater Rhode Island, the Fund for Artistic Excellence allows OSTC to combine local talent with talent from across the country, which benefits the production quality, the local economy and the local talent.

The theatre is at 1245 Jefferson Blvd. All tickets are $25 and are on sale at the box office Monday through Friday from noon to 6 p.m., Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m. and from 12 noon until curtain on performance day. Tickets are available online at and via telephone during normal box office hours at (401) 921-6800.


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