News flash: Doctors make house calls.

  Okay, not the kind we remember from Marcus Welby days of yore. Even if that beloved TV doc was around today, he’d be a rare wellness road warrior. More likely, he might call on you without leaving his office. Today, more and more people are using technology to communicate with each other. We can […]

AARP wants General Assembly to OK bill aimed at increasing savings

You don’t need a poll to tell you that the biggest concern of many older people is whether they will outlive their savings. Many, if not most, regret that they weren’t better savers. Generally speaking, that regret does not stem from having blown income on a frivolous lifestyle. Day-to-day living is hard enough, and then […]

AARP chapter to fete St. Patrick

The AARP East Providence Chapter #1302 will be holding its annual St. Patrick’s Day luncheon on March 8, at noon, in lieu of its monthly meeting. The luncheon will be at St. Brendan’s Hall, 55 Turner Ave., Riverside. The price is $20 per person and includes a corned beef and cabbage entree from Emery’s Catering. Entertainment will be by […]

Seniors should join Generation X to change the aging landscape    

  Recently, AARP released survey results on the subject of Generation X turning 50. For the uninformed, demographers dubbed those born between 1965 and 1979 as Generation X or Gen-Xers — the middle generation between baby boomers and millennials. They number around 62 million Americans. The youngest grew up unfamiliar with Camelot and are only […]

AARP wants candidates to address Social Security

When candidates first started showing up in New Hampshire and Iowa, the 2016 presidential election seemed far into the future. But, even before we were ready to open our new calendars, the election had become something of a national obsession. Unsettling events have steered the candidates — and certainly the media — toward important matters […]

AARP’s CEO trumpets value of older workers

My boss, who is 57, has no plan to retire. And here’s the retirement advice she’s been giving lately: Don’t retire. In a recent “Washington Post interview, AARP Chief Executive Officer Jo Ann Jenkins pointed out that more than a third of AARP’s members is still working. That new reality, she said, coupled with longer […]

AARP puts emphasis on family care giving

This past summer, AARP reported that family caregivers in Rhode Island provide some 124 million hours of care – worth an estimated $1.78 billion – to their parents, spouses, partners and other adult loved ones each year. A 2013 survey revealed that about 134,000 Ocean State family caregivers helped another adult loved one carry out […]

AARP steps up efforts in battle against fraud

They say, “You can’t con a con.” Maybe it is true more than not. But recently, a small army of volunteers from throughout the Northeast turned the tables on con artists in a clever way. Borrowing a favorite tactic from the con artists’ playbook, AARP Fraud Watch Network staff and volunteers operated their own telemarketing […]

Back to school event educational for workers

In August, AARP had the privilege of sponsoring the Rhode Island Back to School Celebration. As you may remember, the organization each year distributes free backpacks filled with school supplies to children across the state. This year, we handed out close to 14,000 backpacks. That great gift to our community is made possible by corporate […]

Using common sense beats oppressive heat

Here it is August and that means that the heat is on. And it can be deadly. Heat kills by pushing the human body beyond its limits. In extreme heat and high humidity, evaporation is slowed and the body must work extra hard to maintain a normal temperature. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric […]