Weather should be minor consideration when deciding where to retire

A recent news headline read, “RI ranked 51st on best states to retire in.” Usually, I’ve given studies like the one referenced in this article a quick look and dismissed them as a biased front for fiscal ultra-conservatives who want no state taxes at all — public education and services be damned. This time I […]

Residents of long-term care facilities have the right to refuse room transfers

  I feel it’s important to write on subjects that can directly impact the well-being of residents of long-term care facilities. Recently, we have received complaints from families concerning room changes or inertia-facility transfers.  Residents are protected from that practice by The Resident’s Bill of Rights, which is a federal law. Residents cannot be told […]

You have a voice: Get to know your elected officials and make them listen

It’s not surprising that a recent Pew Research Center survey found that the public is highly engaged in the 2016 presidential campaign — much more so than the last two elections. Seniors reported that they are watching the debates and many have found them helpful in understanding issues, though most say they haven’t found them […]

Try to protect residents of skilled nursing centers during flu season

While Rhode Island has reported only sporadic flu activity so far this season, reducing the risk to our vulnerable residents and patients is always a top priority for nursing centers. The frail elderly are particularly susceptible to this highly contagious disease, especially those with cardiovascular and pulmonary diseases who may experience severe or even fatal illness […]

Caregivers must look after themselves, too

Q: As an only child, I’ve been the main support for my 82-year old mother for many years.  She had been mostly independent until last year. I would take her to a few doctor appointments and stop over for dinner weekly, but now her needs for assistance have really increased. Severe arthritis makes it impossible for her […]

Gerritt is green with commitment

Some people ease into retirement, traveling to exotic locales, catching up with friends at the neighborhood supermarket, or fixing up the homestead, long put off because of time constraints.  Not so for 62-year-old Greg Gerritt, who still sees many years of work ahead of him to make Rhode Island economically sustainable through protecting the environment […]

Coalition makes big gains in 2015

In my eight years at the Senior Agenda Coalition, 2015 has been far and away both the most productive and hopeful. Fulfilling some of her promises made at our 2014 Governor’s Candidates Forum, Gov. Gina Raimondo began the year by restoring $330,000 for Meals on Wheels in her proposed budget, and the General Assembly concurred. […]

Say, ‘Shoo flu’

Since it is the month of January, I am addressing the flu season in long-term care facilities.  Just to remind everyone, the term long-term care covers nursing homes, assisted living facilities, home care and hospice. Influenza can be brought into facilities by newly-admitted residents, health care workers or family members. Residents of long-term care facilities […]

Helping at nursing centers rewarding for volunteers

Recently, I read an article stating that volunteerism is on the rise in Rhode Island.  According to “Volunteering and Civic Life in America 2015,” a report released last month, more than 212,000 volunteers contributed over 21 million hours of service in the Ocean State in 2014. Those numbers equate to an 8.8 percent increase in […]

Assisted living within reach for many

As individuals age, various circumstances have to be reassessed. A current living situation may not be meeting the needs of a senior who may be having difficulty caring properly for himself or herself. Families often consider senior residences to provide welcoming and safe environments for their loved ones during the golden years of their lives. […]