Introducing “Ask the Lawyer”

As regular readers of this column know, every month I address an area of law that I assume is of concern to our readers.  In particular, we have addressed how to protect assets from risk of loss for payment of nursing home expenses, or from risk of loss for payment of unnecessary taxes, or from […]

IRAs can be considered exempt resources  

My firm helps many families save assets from risk of loss for payment of nursing home expenses. That is true even when the individual is just about to enter a nursing home or is already in a nursing home. How we are able to do that depends on many different variables. Important among those are […]

Attorney general, trade commission launch ‘Pass It On’ to protect consumers

It focuses on the ability of seniors to be part of the solution instead of implying they’re part of the problem when it comes to scams. March 6 to 12 is National Consumer Protection Week, and this year’s theme is “Pass It On.” Chances are good that someone you know has been scammed. They may […]

Loans are exempt from Medicaid five-year look back regulations

There are techniques available that the experienced practitioner can utilize to help achieve a client’s goals. Every month we share different techniques that we use to save assets from loss for payment of nursing home expenses. Those techniques allow clients to qualify for Medicaid payment for nursing home expenses while saving some portion of their […]

Kilmartin wants you to join campaign to curb consumer fraud

There is no question 2015 was the year of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) scam. Last year, the IRS estimates close to 1 million people were contacted by scam artists posing as IRS agents with fake claims of money owed. While an overwhelming majority of consumers recognized the call as a scam, at least 5,000 […]

Taking team approach can keep finances in check

Our law firm helps many families save assets from loss for payment of nursing home expenses. People are surprised that we can save significant amount of assets, even when the need for a nursing home admission is imminent. Actually, our most dramatic saves are when the individual has already been in the nursing home for […]

Building legal structures saves homes

As readers of this column know, a major part of our law practice is helping people prepare to deal with the legal issues surrounding getting older, perhaps becoming ill and a separate set of legal issues regarding passing away. One of the techniques that we share with our clients is known as life estate/remainder restructuring […]

Exercise caution when shopping online

It’s hard to believe the holiday season is upon us. With Christmas right around the corner, many people are gearing up to do some serious shopping. While it can be fun to search stores and websites for the perfect gifts for loved ones, it can also present a few challenges, especially for older adults. According to […]

Generosity can be tax free

Everyone at our firm wishes you a Merry Christmas. As has been the custom for years, Christmas is the time for gifting. In our legal practice, gifting usually raises two important issues. One is taxes and the other is what many people refer to as “the five-year look back rule,” regarding eligibility for Medicaid assistance […]

Crisis intervention is tricky

In previous columns, I have explained how my firm approaches cases involving a family member’s need for nursing home care in Rhode Island. I have shown how it is never too late to take steps to protect assets from loss for payment of such expenses. The techniques that I have discussed have often times focused […]